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Introducing FS InSPIRE WHEAT

As part of our ongoing evolution of our FS Wheat brand, we are excited to announce that we have a new name.  FS InSPIRE Wheat.  This name represents the relationship between our existing FS Seed brands and allows FS Wheat to have its own identity in a fiercely competitive marketplace. 

We are proud of our rich history of performance, and remain committed to our growers and inspiring greatness in your fields. Learn more about the rebrand here.  

Growers who look for proven varieties choose FS InSPIRE Wheat.  Our lineup is specifically designed to bring you the highest performing, best yielding products available.




Better Yields

Our product managers select only those varieties with proven performance.  They are chosen to yield specifically on your farm.  

Better Test Weight

By choosing varieties with outstanding test weight, growers can achieve their highest profit potential.  

Better Genetics

When you choose FS InSPIRE Wheat, you get the best genetics on the market, providing solid disease resistance. View our proven products in the catalog below, or download the full guide here.