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BioLogic Offerings

BioLogicWhat is BioLogic's Fall Premium Perennial Blend?
BioLogic's Fall Premium Perennial Blend was developed to provide white-tailed deer with a nutritious, highly palatable blend of forages. These forages have been proven by extensive research in New Zealand, and tested in North America, to allow deer to maximize their antler development and weight gain potential. This blend provides palatable forage when the natural forage is extremely limited. It is an excellent source of needed nutrition for your deer herd before they enter the winter stress period. In addition, it provides forage that is high in digestible protein and minerals during the spring and summer, when these nutrients are critical to antler and healthy fawn development. Because of the perennial nature of this blend, resource managers can expect this planting to regenerate each year for 3 to 5 years if the appropriate lime and fertilizer is applied annually. This blend features forages that grow in a wide variety of soil conditions and has been shown to average over 30% crude protein and over 80% total digestible nutrients. BioLogic's Fall Premium Perennial Blend is providing maximum nutrition at times when your deer herd needs it most.

Coverage Rates:

  • 2.25 lbs.1/4 acre Item # 43876
  • 9 lbs. 1 acre Item # 43877

What is BioLogic's Waterfowl Forage?
A new rice variety that was scientifically developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, BioLogic’s Waterfowl Forage provides a nutritious, high-energy food source for migrating ducks and geese. Waterfowl burn up important energy reserves in the long demanding migration from the northern breeding grounds to the southern wintering areas. It is a proven fact that waterfowl seek out or prefer rice as a source to replenish depleted fat reserves. BioLogic waterfowl attracts ducks for miles, while providing them an important source of high energy.

Research has proven that hens in better condition lay more eggs and have healthier broods, which simply means more ducks. BioLogic’s Waterfowl Forage not only helps support a healthier waterfowl population, it can dramatically improve your hunting.

BioLogic Waterfowl Forage has yielded as much as 7500 lbs./acre under intense management. The variety can be easily grown under a wide array of conditions. However, as with the production of any crop, yield potential will be greatly influenced by the level of management as well as environmental conditions. The high quality grain produced will provide your hunting areas with the most attractive, nutritious, high yielding waterfowl forage available. And the best part. . . the ducks love it.

Coverage Rates:

  • 50 lb. bag plants 1acre Item # 44953

What is Biologic's New Zealand Full Draw?
BioLogic Full Draw promises to be the most attractive fall food plot blend ever offered to deer managers and hunters. After several years of research on forage production, nutrition, and most importantly palatability, BioLogic has selected specific cultivars that work as a team. These plants have proven to attract deer and offer them critical nutrition from germination until the plots mature, well after hunting season. This exciting blend of cultivars is the result of BioLogic's commitment to release scientifically superior products to assist in wildlife management.

Coverage Rates:

  • 10 lbs. 1 acre Item # 43878
  • 30 lbs. 3 acres

What is BioLogic’s Full Potential Mineral Supplement?
BioLogic’s "FULL POTENTIAL" scientifically developed formula of minerals, nutrients and vitamins provides your deer herd the key missing ingredients to massive antler development and herd health. This new scientifically developed mineral supplement will help unlock your whitetail deer herds "FULL POTENTIAL". It provides critical missing nutrients, minerals and vitamins that can significantly affect antler development and fawn health. "FULL POTENTIAL" fills in the missing ingredients that are deficient in most habitats. "FULL POTENTIAL" used in three easy steps delivers critical nutrients during early spring and summer when your deer herd needs it most.

BioLogic recommends using one Full Potential mineral supplement located close to every food plot, or at least one per every 80 to 160 acres of habitat.

  • Item #43879


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