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What makes FS the top-selling brand of energy products on the farm? In a word: performance. Dieselex®Gold is the premium diesel fuel patrons ask for by name. It keeps you running strong, with more horsepower and more hours per gallon than any other diesel fuel. Commercial truckers are discovering that same boost in performance on the road.

We have a complete line of quality diesel and gasoline blends, including alternative fuels such as ethanol, for all types of equipment. And to help you better manage your cash flow we have forward contracting services.

Power Fuel Products Specification Sheets

FS Dieselex- Dieselex Gold (.pdf)
- Premium +
- No. 2 Fuel Oil
- No. 1 Fuel Oil
- FS 1-K Kerosene
- SURE-FLO II (Diesel Fuel Additive)
- FS Unleaded Gasoline
- Unleaded with Ethanol
- Soy Biodiesel

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