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We at Carroll Service Company look forward to sharing with you the latest information about FS products and services that are available through your farmer-owned cooperative. You will learn how our professional and competent personnel will utilize their expertise and knowledge to develop solutions that will improve your bottom line. Keep coming back to our web site because we have some exciting plans for adding more new features in the near future.





What's New
Researchers are Beginning to Understand New Aphid
When the soybean aphid first appeared in the United States in 2000, Wisconsin farmers saw what it could do.

Whole-Farm Approach Handles Phosphorous on Dairy Farms
What goes in must come out, and in the case of phosphorus, too much has been going into cows and coming out on farmlands.

Bacteria Show Promise for Increasing Corn Yields
University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists have identified bacteria that increased corn yields by 5 percent to 10 percent in preliminary field trials in five Midwestern states.

Farmer Survey on Specialty Corn and Soybeans Published
Insights into changes in value-enhanced corn and soybean production in Illinois, as well as farmer opinion on a variety of related issues, are contained in a report recently released by the University of Illinois.

New Tools Help Farmers Manage Fertilizer, Increase Yields
Farmers in Wisconsin may soon have a powerful new tool to help them make decisions about fertilizer that increase their yields and control runoff.


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